Tetsu Suzuki


Tetsu Suzuki was born in Tajimi, Gifu in 1964. Having grown up as a son of Osamu Suzuki, who is a ceramic artist, also the holder of Japanese important intangible cultural asset, ceramic arts was always by his side throughout his life. Naturally, his interest in ceramic arts was cultivated and it turned to be enthusiasm when he opted to take the ceramist course in Kyoto Vocational training school for Pottery. As he delved into his pottery practice, he was drawn to Oribe ware (a style of Japanese pottery). He has been fascinated by its vivid green glaze and now working on glazes as a side job.

His works of art have been exhibited in Japan and will be in New York in 2020.


1991 Selected for the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition (25 times since then)
1994 Selected for the Tōkai Traditional Crafts Exhibition and has been every year since.
2001 “Tōkai Traditional Craft Prize” at the 32nd Tōkai Traditional Crafts Exhibition
2003 “Newcomer Prize”  the 50th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
2005 “Grand Prize”, the 1st Kikuchi Biennale
2009 “Incentive Prize”, the 3rd Kikuchi Biennale
2012 “Incentive Prize”, the 32nd Pola Award for Traditional Japanese Culture
Gifu Traditional Culture Inheritance Award
2013 “Ryukoku Incentive Prize” from Ryukoku University,
2015 “NHK Chairman’s Prize”, the 62nd Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition
2016 The Ceramic Society of Japan Award
The 11th Paramita Ceramic Art Award Exhibition
2017 ‘Green Glazed Bowl,’ purchased by the Imperial Household Agency at the 64th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition

Regular member of Japan Kōgei Association

Green Glazed Bowl